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I’m Byron, a multidisciplinary designer/maker.

For me, the process of both designing and making act as a medium with which I am most confident in explaining myself. My practice stands for recognising the responsibility that I have as a creative: to mitigate the impact that I have on the planet through the decisions that I make when creating.

Objects and furniture are a part of our lives in so many ways, from acting as an extension of our personalities, to material obstacles that we label as waste and discard. Creating meaningful connections to the objects with which we surround ourselves has a radical significance for how we enjoy there existense, and how we relate to them in our everyday lives. 

To chat about any idea or find out more about what I do, please get in touch.

A Story 

My childhood was spent running around a farm, treating it like a massive playground to make and create anything my friends and I could dream up. These years facilitated a deep understanding of the environment, and showed me the important of living with the earth rather than just on it.

Fast-forward to a Art Foundation at Leeds Arts University, and a BA in 3D Design at Northumbria University in Newcastle – It was here that I learnt the skills to build furniture, and my passion for the subject began. I started to piece together what I want my creative work to stand for, learning all about different aesthetics, and beginning to develop my own.

After graduating from Northumbria, I moved to London to study an MA in Material Futures at Central St Martins. In these two years, I honed my making skills and continued to work on my own practice, looking at ways to explain myself through material objects. The importance of the natural enviroment became the prominent factor within my work, starting to understand the responsibilities I have when it come to creating objects that exist in the world.


The Aram Gallery x Material Futures.

April 2022

Material futures graduate show.

July 2022

Unfamiliar Forms. LDF22

September 2022

Green Grads. LDF22

Septemeber 2022

Messmerizing. DDW22

Exhibited part of the Isola Collective.

October 2022

No Space For Waste. DDW22

Exhibited part of the Isola Collective.

October 2022

Blut and Staub

Zurich University of Arts - Material Archiv

December 2022

Nothing Happens if Nothing Happens

OXO Tower - Isola Collective

September 2023

Localist Cafe

Shoreditch Arts Club and Six Dots Design

September 2023